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Princess Margaret Rose receives an engine and gearbox upgrade

The Princess Margaret Rose was built in 1939 for use on Derwent Water. Now almost 90 years on, she is still in regular use and has received an upgrade that has included a new engine and gearbox.

The 17.1m vessel seats 95 and owners Keswick Launch Company decided it was time to replace the 150hp Cummins engine with a Mermaid Marine FPT N67 280.

The new engine has a rating of 169kW (230bhp) @ 2600rpm and is coupled to a PRM 1000D 1.5.1 gearbox. Both engine and gearbox were supplied by Mermaid Marine.

“The new engine was fairly easy to fit with only some slight modifications needed to the width of the engine beds and the pre-filter wiring was quickly made by our electrician,” explained Andrew Wray of the Keswick Launch Company.


Mermaid Marine FPT N67 280 engine features:

Mechanical fuel system

Voltage: 24V

Water cooled

Cylinders: 6

Service interval: up to 600 hours


Options included for Princess Margaret Rose:

Twin walled fuel pipes and control panel.


The NEF Series is the widest among FPT industrial engine families, suitable for pleasure and professional marine duties, with four different displacements available in mechanical and electronic version.

The engines offer high power output and maximum torque at low revolution range.

FPT is part of the Fiat Group.

Engineering, Production, Head Office:

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