JCB - A Product Of Hard Work!

Whilst relatively young in the diesel engine market, the JCB Dieselmax has nevertheless established itself as being a significant player in the industrial engine market.

From its initial release onto the market, Mermaid Marine recognised the potential for marine use specifically targeted at the commercial sector.

Ultimately the JCB Dieselmax engine range has been designed to give operators & businesses the performance they can depend on.

JCB started with a clean sheet of paper and were not only able to look forward and protect the engines core design features for future exhaust emissions legislation but they also listened carefully to their customers and have designed a product with the key criteria of; Performance, Reliability, ease of Manufacturing and most importantly - in field Serviceability.

Just a few of the benefits you can expect with the JCB engine include:

  • Power ratings from 55kW to 129 kW (74hp to 173hp)
  • Torque outputs up 750 Nm. Concentrating on high torque at low engine speeds producing the ultimate engine for driveability and productivity
  • Up to 60kW (80hp) from auxiliary engine PTO fitted as standard to power a range hydraulic pumps for on board services.
  • Efficient design giving operators the benefit of reduced whole life costs in both fuel consumption and servicing costs
  • An advanced, highly developed combustion system allowing the most efficient process with low in cylinder emissions
  • Four valves per cylinder offering the most efficient gas flows resulting in exceptional load acceptance and transient performance capability

Robustness and reliability are key strengths of the JCB engine and these are provided by such design features as;

  • Crankcase & bedplate designed and matched as heavy-duty, stiff structures with extra reserves of strength.
  • Increased crankshaft dimensions taking increased, impact and sustained high loads in its stride.
  • A heavy-duty rear engine geartrain designed for exceptional Power Take Off capability and low noise signature.

All of this coupled with state-of-the-art production facilities, Worldwide support and attention to detail brings an internationally acclaimed product that is sure to be a class leader for years to come.

But it doesn't stop here. "Never content", JCB will carry on testing and developing new techniques and technologies to ensure the JCB engine range continues to lead the field, bringing you tomorrow's technology, today.